How to open the building instructions

We send out our building instructions in 2 formats, depending on the product. This will be clearly listed in the description of our products.


File(s) in .zip / .rar extension:

Some building instructions from our shop are packaged in .zip or .rar format. In this way we can include extra info and files with your download. You first have to unpack the .zip or .rar file using a free tool called WinRar or a similar tools.
After unpacking you will see the .lxf file(s) and extras.

Windows PC / Mac OSX:
To open the .lxf file(s) you need to download and install the FREE LEGO Digital Designer. When you have opened the file, click on the Building Guide Mode button (or F7). Then the instructions will pop out on the screen.

Click here to download LEGO Digital Designer

There’s also an app available on android which can load the .lxf file. Buf3d (free)  and Buf3d+.

File(s) in .pdf extension:
For all our new products there are full HD pdf building instructions + brief with extra information. PDF files can be opened on every device you own (smartphone, tablet, Iphone, Ipad, Mac, PC).


File(s) in .mpd extension: (Note: we never use this extension)

Back in time, when LEGO Digital Designer didn’t exist yet, there was another tool to digitize your LEGO creations. These are the LDRAW files – mpd files.

Click here to download LDRAW


Click here for more information about all the LEGO building softwareprograms.