1. Building instructions

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LEGO GBC 8 3D Building Instructions


To open the 3D building instructions you need to download and install LEGO Digital Designer for free.

NOTE 1: The LEGO NXT is only for counting the balls so not really needed for this GBC.

NOTE 2: The GBC should work properly but it needs a little bit of fine tuning by yourself. If you are experiencing difficulties here, feel free to ask;)

NOTE 3: Use the XML file to upload the partlist of LEGO GBC 8 to your Bricklink Wanted List. Open with Notepad
and copy/paste the text to Bricklink.

NOTE 4: You may not reupload the building instructions!


2. Connect mobile to NXT

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3. Count the balls in your GBC

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4. Review

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This is not GBC builder Philip Verbeek’s first outing with the concept — he’s on his 8th GBC build. Some of the past ones have included ball launchers, ramps, elevators, grabbing claws, and more. This time Verbeek has gone for a very ambitious build consisting of elevators, moving ramps, and a crazy undulating bridge. He’s also incorporated Lego NXT that allows him to track data about system performance and control the whole thing with an Android app.

This new GBC consists of about 2,000 pieces, which is fewer than some previous builds. The contraption is powered by 2 XL Legomotors — one for all the modules, and one for the airpump. The mechanical energy from the motor is transmitted to most of the modules via gears or a network of strings woven through the blocks.

Possibly the coolest aspect of this GBC is the Sinusoid ramp at the beginning. Watching it undulate while suspended by a network of strings its kind of mind boggling. It must have taken a good long time to get it timed correctly.

Verbeek has also been kind enough to give us a walkthrough of the design. You can follow along with the gallery above to see each module up close.

  • Stop-go mechanism 1: Stops balls and let them go by at the right time.
  • Sinusoid: Moves the balls by making a sinusoid motion.
  • Stop-go mechanism 2: Stops balls and let them go by at the right time.
  • Elevator: Lifts the balls to a higher level. Every time 3 balls can fit in the cabin.
  • Bridge: Leads the balls of yellow tower to the blue tower. When the elevator is down the bridge will go up and when the elevator is up the bridge is down.
  • Stop-go mechanism 3: Stops balls and let them go by at the right time.
  • Vertical pushers: Pushes the balls in a vertical way up.
  • Color sensor: takes measurements of the balls.
  • Ball pump: Pumps every time one ball. A new ball takes a place beneath another ball and then pushes them up.
  • Android app: Controls the LEGO GBC.

If you think you have the time and patience to assemble your own GBC with near-clockwork precision, Verbeek has made the plans available to download. It’s also on Lego’s Cuusoo page, if you think it’s worth supporting.

Maybe Lego will finally make one of the GBCs a reality? You can also track Verbeek’s projects on Facebook and his YouTube channel.


5. Music

This time the soundtrack from the movie “Madagascar 2 Escape Africa” called “Once upen a time in Africa” is used. Also the soundtrack from the movie “The Road To El Dorado” called “Wonders of the new world” is used. These two soundtracks mixed together created the soundtrack for GBC 8.

6. Special trick for making the blue tower work