LEGO GBC 14 Strandbeest Module – 42054 Building Instructions

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Detailed building instructions of the LEGO GBC 14 Strandbeest Module.
Made from parts of LEGO CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC set 42054.
– Full HD PDF building instructions
– Brief with tips & tricks
– and more

Difficulty level: Easy – Medium – Hard


Example Full HD pdf Building Instructions

It has never been easier to build a complete LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) loop yourself! This GBC is entirely built using only parts from the CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC and uses 90% of all the pieces that come with it. Also to be referred to as model D of the 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC. This module makes sure you master the LEGO GBC building techniques and tricks so that you eventually also can build your own GBC. The whole machine is powered by one LEGO motor which comes with the LEGO 42054 Set.

This GBC works great with our LEGO GBC balls.




The LEGO GBC 14 Strandbeest Module features multiple mesmerizing synced mechanical arms which all beautifully work together to move the balls their way upstream. This module is self contained which means it’s a close loop so the ball flow will never end. However, it is possible to separate the module and connect it to another LEGO GBC Module.

For this module we were inspired by the famous Dutch designer Theo Jansen and his Strandbeest creations. This clever mechanism creates a smooth complex walking motion from a simple rotating motion by combining multiple triangular constructions together and having all the lengths and dimensions of the beams just right.

In this LEGO GBC Module we combined above mentioned features but instead of making the machine walk, we turned the mechanism upside down so that the balls are scooped out and transferred to the next arm. This LEGO GBC Module really combines art mesmerizing movements with engineering.

A mechanical ball supply mechanism takes one ball at a time and gives it to the first mechanical arm. 2 rotating pins are installed in the input box to counteract for that the balls will not get jammed.

When building this LEGO GBC Module in action you will take a close loop in the mechanism and understand how these kinda linkages work and how the movement is created.

Batteries can easily be replaced.





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