LEGO GBC 16 Inverse Belt Lift Module – 42042 Building Instructions

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Detailed building instructions of the LEGO GBC Inverse Belt Lift Module.
Made from parts of LEGO Crawler Crane set 42042.

– Full HD PDF building instructions
– Brief with tips & tricks
– and more

Difficulty level: Easy – Medium – Hard


Example Full HD pdf Building Instructions

It has never been easier to build a complete LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) loop yourself! LEGO GBC 16 is entirely built using only parts from the LEGO Technic Crawler Crane set and uses 90% of all the pieces that come with it. Also to be referred to as model C of the 42042 Crawler Crane. This module makes sure you master the LEGO GBC building techniques and tricks so that you eventually also can build your own GBC. The whole machine is powered by one LEGO motor which comes with the LEGO 42042 Set.

This GBC works great with our LEGO GBC balls.





Thinking out of the box, this LEGO GBC Module uses the Belt in a totally other way than expected. Besides it is much cooler to look at, it also has some quite unique mechanisms in it. The timing of entering balls into the cabins comes quite precise but when you have the timing just correctly everything works like a charm. If you want you can add more cabins onto the belt to increase the ball rate of the module. This module sure gets you started in building your own LEGO GBC later on yourself. Batteries can easily be replaced.





The LEGO GBC Balls are available HERE.















Change log latest update

v2: We included the length numbers for axles, beams and other parts. A high requested feature which is really usefull while building. We also made some changed in the building steps for a better building experience. Make sure to get this update.



LEGO GBC 16 all over the world

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This GBC is in collaboration with the BrickWorksAcademy.

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2 reviews for LEGO GBC 16 Inverse Belt Lift Module – 42042 Building Instructions

  1. Michael Lam (verified owner)

    Cool , must buy it .

  2. James (verified owner)

    GBC 16 is the 4th PV-Productions’ GBC model I have purchased and built. They have all been challenging to various degrees but always enjoyable and fun to assemble.

    It ranks at the top for me. It has passed the Extended Belt Lift Module as my fave. The instructions are well sequenced and there is the right mixture of challenging, educational, inspiring and fun sections.

    The gears and ball-feeding section taught more of what I need to know and understand about mechanics.

    I found the building of the tall structure the most challenging due to the intricacies of the connecting beams amongst themselves and with attaching to the lower section for the needed stability.

    Assembling the belt and ball cages has led me to think of many other designs that could take advantage of this technique. It still amazes me to watch it receive a ball and eventually be upside down before releasing it for its return back to the loading position.

    The fun part of building a GBC, and possibly the most rewarding for me, is setting the timing for it to operate flawlessly… and this is where this model shines. It’s by far the easiest timing I’ve encountered in the 10-12 GBCs I’ve built. There is an inset on page 5 with 6 easy-to-follow steps for setting the timing. One time through and voila, I had it running smoothly.

    I easily give GBC 16 a 4.5 out of 5 rating and label it as a must buy and makes me yearn for 17!

    Keep on bricking!!

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