LEGO GBC Lift Module 3D Building Instructions


Detailed 3D building instructions of the LEGO GBC Lift Module
– 3D building instructions
– xml part list (To import into Bricklink)
– html building instructions
– read me file
– and more

Difficulty level: Easy – Medium – Hard


The LEGO GBC Lift module makes use of a unique kind of, never seen before, mechanism. The way the beams move with respect to each other has something magical. The outer point of the mechanism follows a vertical strait line. At it’s outer upper position the top beam tilts which will let the ball fall out of the holder. Then the ball drops on the blue rails which follows the path all the way down to the input of the Lift module.

Besides that the Module looks cool it is also very efficient. It doesn’t require much space, not much parts are needed and the height difference from input to output is big.

Batteries can easily be replaced. If you are out of batteries you can also power the whole GBC manually by turning the yellow handle.



Building instructions

To open the 3D building instructions you need to download and install LEGO Digital Designer for free.

NOTE 1: The GBC should work properly but it needs a little bit of fine tuning by yourself.

NOTE 2: Use the XML file to upload the partlist of LEGO GBC Lift Module to your Bricklink Wanted List. Open with Notepad
and copy/paste the text to Bricklink.

NOTE 3: You may not reupload the building instructions.




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