LEGO GBC Starters Pack

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This is the perfect getting started LEGO GBC pack for you which includes everything you need to get rolling. Made from parts of LEGO Crawler Crane set 42042.

– Full HD PDF building instructions
– Brief with tips & tricks
– 2+ packs of LEGO GBC balls
– and more

Specs LEGO GBC balls:
Weight: 1.52g
Size: 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 in studs
Diameter: 14mm


LEGO GBC Balls - White (Soccerballs)

White (Soccerballs)

LEGO GBC Balls - Orange (Basketballs)

Orange (Basketballs)


Are you new to GBCs and just beginning with GBC building? Then this is the perfect getting started GBC pack for you! Our models will show and teach you building techniques and tricks in building great LEGO GBCs so that in the end you can build your very own LEGO GBCs! What is a GBC you ask? Read it here!


This all in one package consists out of the Full HD PDF building instructions of the LEGO GBC 10, 13 and 16! With the LEGO GBC balls included* in the pack you directly can get started.
(*Advised is to have approximately 1 pack of 50 LEGO GBC balls for every Module to make the ball flow go consistent and smooth looking)

NOTE: You may not reupload the building instructions.

Example Full HD pdf Building Instructions




LEGO GBC fans all over the world




LEGO GBC 10 at fair

Did you also built this GBC yourself, with your friends or family? We would love to see it. Send us a picture or video via our social media channels.


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  1. Bought this for my son. He figured everything out by himself. therefor great starters pack!

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