The Automatic poultry door system - Now available

Protect your chickens against the fox and marters

The NEW PV-P1 RGB LEDstrip-driver

Awesome light effects - 9 modes - Amazingly bright - Easy operation & userfriendly - IP67 waterproof - Build-in memory - and more...

3D building instructions available

Detailed instructions - step by step

Because there’s more possible with RGB LEDstrips...

Custom NFC controller system

Always wanted to automate things with your smartphone of NFC tags?

PV-Productions - Where technology is the drive

Automation - RGB LED lighting - Electronics

Custom prototyping - and more...

RGB LEDstrip-driver €29.95

Because I believe more should be possible with RGB LEDstrips...

Poultry door system €79.95

Protect your chickens against the fox at night

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and see how diverse PV-Productions is..

LEGO creations

Where technology meets LEGO...

Custom NFC controller

Make smartphones or NFC tags part of your project.

Custom RGB LED solutions

That WOW-factor for your company...

News & updates

The latest updates on projects and more...

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