IoT wireless measuring system

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1. Info

Ready for the Internet of Things? We bet you are!

We developed an internet connected sensor system aka a low energy node for the agro industry. Using the LoRa network distances up to 10 km can be reached! LoRa stands for LOnge RAnge but also stands for Low power, Low costs and is perfect for the Internet of Things applications. With 3 AAA penlite batteries the node can last up to 3 years for non-stop data collection.

This specific node (picture below) will measure the soil moisture and temperature but the uses of this system are endless! Think of other sensors and application like window and door monitoring, smoke detectors, trashcan monitoring etc. Creativity is the limit!

This node also has a GPS module build in which collects the coordinates of the node.

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Node (left), Gateway (right)

IoT wireless agro measuring systemThe nodes make measurements, collect data and send this data to the gateway. TheThingsNetwork (Open source Internet of Things data network) retrieves the data from the gateway and in combination with own software, running on a virtual private server, we have created a web-userinterface and database for the customer to access and download the logged data. Below you can see the whole setup we use.

The Network


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3. Uses

The potential is big for the Internet of Things. Smart lighting? Smart smoke detectors? Smart fridge? Monitoring? Which uses can you come up with?

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