LEGO GBC 11 – 5 Modules – 42054 Building Instructions

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Detailed building instructions of the LEGO GBC 11.
Made from parts of LEGO CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC set 42054.
– Full HD PDF building instructions
– Brief with tips & tricks
– and more

Difficulty level: Easy – Medium – Hard


Example Full HD pdf Building Instructions

It has never been easier to build a complete LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) loop yourself! This GBC is entirely built using only parts from the CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC and uses 90% of all the pieces that come with it. Also to be referred to as model C of the 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC. This module makes sure you master the LEGO GBC building techniques and tricks so that you eventually also can build your own GBC. The whole machine is powered by one LEGO motor which comes with the LEGO 42054 Set.

This GBC works great with our LEGO GBC balls.






This LEGO GBC features 5 GBC modules which all work together to make a full loop so the ball flow will never end. However, it is possible to separate the modules and make your own unique configuration.


First there is the Vertical/Horizontal Mover Module where the vertical mover takes one ball at a time, moves it up in a straight line after it will continue it’s path on the horizontal mover. You will learn about the cardan gear mechanism while building this module.


Followed up by a Zigzag Slide Module, the balls are stopped by the next timings mechanism waiting for the Scissor Lift Module to pick them up and tilting them up to a higher level. The Scissor Lift Module takes a few balls at a time by the use of a clever timings mechanism.


To end the GBC loop with a bang we implemented a new of a kind Shooter Module which really puts physics to the test. See the ball flying through the air before it is caught by the Catch Module which will bring the balls back to the beginning where they continue the loop again and again. You can also adjust the height/shoot angle of the ramp to get a perfectly catch everytime.

Batteries can easily be replaced.




The LEGO GBC Balls are available HERE.















Change log latest update

v2: We included the length numbers for axles, beams and other parts. A high requested feature which is really useful while building. We also added some extra information on setting up the moving arm mechanism. Finally we added pictures of the real deal build so you can compare your own build much easier with our model. Make sure to get this update.





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  1. Bought the lego set only because I saw this model available :8 Thsi definitely got me into bgcs

  2. My girls wowed this gbc! Got it for them at christmas and got it working all by them self

  3. (verified owner)

    very funny , must buy it !!!!

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